Liposuction Cost Secrets Revealed:

find out average prices of laser, smart, and traditional lipo

Life is busy and supermodels have told you they can do it all and still remain rail thin. You know you don’t need to show your bones, but you still feel like you could use a little tightening up. You’ve tried diets and you have tried to work exercise into your schedule but you are still left with just a little more flab than you’d really like. It’s at this point that you want to start understanding the costs associated with lipoplasty and then thinking about how it is that you can pay for it.

Hi! I’m Amy. When I started looking at plastic surgery as an option, I was really surprised by how difficult it was to determine exactly how much it was going to cost. I thought I would be able to do a search and voila a series of websites listing the price per pound would appear. I at least thought that different doctors would list the price per area right on their website, kind of like when you go to the grocery store or when you get someone to steam clean your carpets.It turns out, it’s a bit more complex to calculate than that…not all fat, or fat-removal, is created equal.

The first thing that I look at was the website for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. There, I found out that the average surgeon’s fee for liposuction in the United States was $2,866 in 2013. There, I thought, now I’m getting somewhere! However, the average surgeon’s fee in the US is not actually as helpful as you might think. After all, if you want to have your upper and lower abdomen, love handles, waist, lower back, and inner thighs done in Reading, PA it might cost you $8,225, but what if I want to have my Inner thighs done in North Carolina? Well, that only costs $1,250. Clearly that’s a pretty broad gap.Meet Amy

Then, I started talking with some doctors and realizing that the surgeon’s fee is only one part of the overall cost of the procedure. So, even if I got the average priced surgeon for the most commonly performed procedure, it wouldn’t bring me close to understanding the full costs of liposuction. Liposuction is a surgical procedure and therefore has the same kind of multi-component list attached to it when it comes to the final bill.

Just knowing the average surgeon’s fee and expecting it to be your final cost for the procedure is sort of like going to a restaurant because you know how much an entrée costs and then realizing that you have to pay for your drink, valet parking, coat check, salad, dessert, and tip the waiter. It all ends up costing a lot more and it’s better if you are prepared for it, otherwise you could be left having to wash dishes!

Breakdown of Procedure Costs

So, what are we talking about then?

Well, I want to tell you about the overall cost after everything is included.

How much signSome things to calculate when budgeting for liposuction are anesthesia, operating room facilities, medical tests, prescriptions, post-surgery garments, and follow up treatments. Also, since liposuction removes the fat that has been stretching out your skin, you may find that you need to budget for excess skin removal. Clearly, I can’t give you an exact quote for your final costs here, that has to come after a consultation with the doctor who will be performing your surgery, but I want to walk you through the construction of the cost so that you are as informed as possible about what to expect and what you need to ask.

What I won’t be including here? All of the new clothes you are going to want/need for your new body!

Here are some of the typical things that come together to create your final bill.

Initial Consultation

Doctors recognize that plastic surgery is something that a lot of people fantasize about and need to have some way to make sure that they don’t spend all day just spitting out numbers (that’s why I’m here!) Some will deal with this curiosity by putting their prices directly on their website, with caveats of course indicating that prices vary by case. Others require that you come in for a consultation. Some will do an online consultation via Skype or via other web-cam communication.

Measuring stomach fatThis isn’t just sales though, as I’ll tell you about in a bit, different surgeries cost different amounts and sometimes your image of what needs work won’t be the same as the experienced eye of your surgeon indicates. What can you expect these consultations to cost? Well, like all things…it depends. It should be the easiest number to get from the places you are investigating. Sometimes the initial consultation is free, but you should make sure it’s not only free if you agree to the procedure. It is not uncommon for there to be an initial consultation fee charged up front, often this fee is rolled in to the overall cost of the procedure if you decide to go ahead with it. I’ve found that generally the fees in the US run from $75 to $200 (I’ll talk about international options in a later section).

For example, let’s say that you want to talk to Dr. Rocheford in Minneapolis/St. Paul about your options. He’s not just going to spend all day talking to people who aren’t really serious, so he charges $100 initial consultation fee. However, that fee is deducted from the price of the surgery if he performs it, if not, it’s just a $100 fee.

Surgeon’s Fee

This is the one that the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s gives averages for. It is the largest chunk of the lipo bill and so is a major part of estimating your overall cost. You find this out after your initial consultation and is generally a flat fee based on your individual needs. In other words, it’s not like when you hire a plumber who says they will charge $125 an hour and it could take them one hour or it could take ten.

While shopping around on the price of the surgeon is one of the easiest ways to reduce your overall liposuction costs, this isn’t necessarily an area where you want to look for the bargain basement. If you talk to a few providers and two quote you $3,500 and one tells you they can do the same thing for $750 you shouldn’t necessarily jump at the lowest price. Alternatively, just because somebody charges a lot of money doesn’t mean that they are the best there is.

Somebody with less experience might not charge as much, but do you want a newbie doing your procedure? On the other hand, somebody who has been doing it for 30 years may not be up to date on the latest technology or techniques, so would you prefer someone with more recent training?
This is a good reason not to shy away from doing a couple of initial consultations – even if it costs more. You might want to budget a couple of hundred dollars just for that. After all, you are going to be letting this person operate on you and some people just give you a ‘this is right’ feeling…or the other way around and it’s worth spending a little bit more up front to make sure you are getting what you need!

Here are average lipolasty surgery fees, according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons:
2011: $2,773
2012: $2,852
2013: $2,866

Facilities Fee

I find that this is the part of surgery that people forget about most often. After all, of course the surgery has to be performed somewhere and I don’t think there is any other area of life where you are charged separately for the service and the room in which it is performed. As your surgeon clearly cannot perform the surgery outdoors (and if they offer, you should decline!) you do need to budget for the cost of using the facilities.

Check with your doctor to see if this is included in the cost quoted for the procedure. If the person doing your surgery does their procedures in their offices, there won’t be a separate charge. If it is performed in a hospital, the hospital charges the doctor a fee for using their space (sort of like a rental) and they will either roll that into your quote or it will show up as additional charge, so you need to be aware of it. Otherwise, you could be surprised by an additional $500 – $1,500 charge to what you had planned to spend.

Depending on how much work you are getting done, the type of liposuction that is being used, and the nature of the anesthesia and recovery you may be required to spend the night in the hospital or surgical center. Hospital fees for an overnight stay can be as high as $600 per night.


You are definitely going to want some sort of anesthesia for traditional or laser assisted liposuction. In fact, the surgery cannot be performed without, so this isn’t an option that can be ‘unchecked’ in order to lower your costs. However, it will be different depending on the kind of anesthesia that you need. General anesthesia, where you are out cold, will cost more than local anesthesia, for example.

The doctor performing your procedure is not the person who administers the anesthesia and so what you are paying for is not only the cost of the actual anesthetic itself but also the expertise of the person applying it. An anesthesiologist will charge a further $500 – $1,500 for their services.

Preparatory Medical Tests

The kinds of tests you will need before liposuction depend a lot on your medical history and current state of health. The two most commonly ordered pre-surgery tests are a Complete Blood Count (CBC) to determine if you are anemic and a Coagulation Panel. The Coagulation Panel test is to find out if you will clot normally, something very important before any sort of invasive procedure.

The costs for these tests can vary a great deal depending on location and the lab that administers them. The same CBC test in Brooklyn costs $16 at one location but $117 at another, so you will want to ask about these costs before having them done. The doctor performing your procedure may order the tests for you if you don’t specify otherwise. If you find a place where you can get the tests done more cheaply talk to your doctor about having them done on your own and then having the results sent to her/him.
According to HealthCare BlueBook a routine set of pre-surgery lab tests costs an average of $137. As I said before, the average is only so helpful though. Just to give you an idea, in New York you can expect to pay about $200 – $300 for lab work. You may find that having the tests performed on your own is actually more expensive than if the doctor orders them. To have the CBC test done at an independent lab might cost you $76 whereas your physician might be able to obtain the test for $39. Where the advantage might come in to play in that case would be if you are going to need to have a separately charged doctor’s visit in order to have the lap work done, because then you have to add the office visit fee to the lab work.

Also important to keep in mind is that a lot of health insurance companies won’t cover this lab work, even if they have covered similar blood work or pre-surgery labs before. Since liposuction is an elective surgery, they may exclude any and all costs associated with preparation, performance, and post-surgery needs.

Time Out

Liposuction should have a pretty quick recovery time, but a lot of people don’t think about the fact that they will have to take some time out from their regular activities. It’s surgery – and most doctors won’t perform it on the weekend or after hours, so don’t try to go in on Friday at 5:00 and expect to be back at work at 8:00 on Monday morning. The standard recommendation is that you take between 7 and 14 days off work to fully recuperate. Sure, it can be done faster than that…after all, women used to give birth in the fields and then return to work almost immediately, but that doesn’t mean it was pleasant!

You are also under a 10-15 pound lifting limit for a minimum of 3 weeks after the surgery. You’ll be surprised by how often you were lifting things above that range without thinking about it. If you have a job where you are regularly lifting weights above that then you will need to budget for lost wages for a longer period of time.

It’s not just work that requires a timeout, though. If you have kids, that weight limit doesn’t disappear just for them. This clearly isn’t a problem if your kids are teenagers (they shouldn’t be asking you to pick them up anyway!) but if you have young kids you may need to have some extra help around the house. If you are lucky enough to have a spouse, family, and/or good friends who are willing to pitch in, then it may not increase your costs, but it will if you have to pay someone to come in and assist you.

Procedure Cost Factors

Here’s where I’m going to tell you again: your procedure costs depend on a lot of individual circumstances. Don’t worry though; I’m going to give you some ballpark figures for different areas of the United States and different parts of the body later. This section is most to help you understand the kinds of things you will need to account for and where you might be able to gain some wiggle room for lower cost.

These are some of the common factors that determine the overall cost of the procedure.


Where in the US (or the world) you are having your lipo done has a significant impact on its cost. It’s like if you go to a burger joint in small town, NC it costs $6.95 for a bacon cheeseburger but if you go to a place in Manhattan, you are going to spend $13.00 for the same bacon cheeseburger. Things are just more expensive in cities than in rural or suburban areas and this includes facilities fees, anesthesia, overnight stays in the hospital, etc.

Location Cost
Johnstown, CO $6,800
Yager, NY $6,800
New York, NY $6,500
Atlanta, GA $3,500
Beverly Hills, CA $6,000
Denver, CO $5,600
Birmingham, AL $4,000
Overland Park, KS $2,500
St. Louis, MO $2,500

It’s not as easy as finding a doctor in the smallest town around though. Places with higher populations have greater demand for cosmetic procedures and will therefore have more providers of those services, and this can actually begin to drive costs down.

For example, abdominal liposuction in Yager, NY has an average cost of $6,800 while travelling into the city drops the average cost to $6,500. It’s a 300-dollar difference… not what I was expecting when I started looking at all of this. The competition among a large number of providers does operate to lower costs (even if just slightly). It can also ensure a higher quality as less favored doctors find that they easily lose business to the many other available options, and they know that is a very real possibility.

The price changes regionally as well. Liposuction is generally less expensive in the South and the Midwest and has higher prices in the Northeast and on the West Coast. So, even though Atlanta is a big city, the average cost of abdominal liposuction there is about $3,500 in comparison to the $6k plus price of New York.

Here are a few examples of the cost of abdominal liposuction in different areas of the United States, showing how geography can make a difference.

Type of Procedure

There are a number of ways to have liposuction (no, none of them involve home surgery!) and the different techniques can impact your final cost. SmartLipo, for example, is a type of laser sculpting, non-invasive lipoplasty. This can cost less than traditional liposuction, as only local anesthetic is required. Since you don’t need the general anesthesia, that cost can be subtracted from your estimate.

Type of procedure Cost
Vaser or UAL $5,000 – $8,000
Tumescent or Superwet $5,000 – $7,000
Liposculpture $3,800 – $5,000
Smartlipo $2,800 – $4,500

Many people are excited about a newer liposuction alternative that uses laser or ultrasound technology rather than traditional methods. When things are new and lots of people are excited about them, they can cost more and this is no exception. For example, in a case where the tumescent or superwet procedure might have cost $2,700, the ultrasound-assisted version would run about $3,000. Again, not a huge increase in cost but one you want to know about.

To give you an idea of how the price can differ, I’ve put together a comparison of abdominal liposuction costs for the procedures in Miami. You can see what a difference the anesthetic cost makes in the overall procedure cost between the local used in Liposculpture and Smartlipo versus the general anesthetic utilized in Vaser and tumescent really clearly here.

Time of Year

You might not have realized that liposuction costs can be influenced by the seasons! Just as people tend to go on a diet or start exercise programs in the weeks building up to bathing suit season in order to look their best, liposuction is most commonly scheduled in the summer or the weeks leading up to it. While everyone is hyper-focused on looking good in their bathing suit, the quest for the perfect bikini body means that demand spikes…and since more people want it, doctors can charge more for it. Who can blame them? They were ignored all winter as we bundled under coats in the hopes that our ‘blubber’ would go away and now we’re all clamoring outside of their offices!

As one doctor’s website puts it, not so subtly:

“Soon we will be peeling off the layers of clothes and donning our shorts and t-shirts, only to find that it has been too easy to hide those creeping winter pounds under our sweaters and winter coats. Are you sick of dreading the impending summer months? Now is the time to act if you want to make it a summer to look forward to with an improved swimsuit body.”

Of course, during the Fall, the plastic surgeon’s pitch changes to:

“Why is winter the best time to get liposuction? Well, there are several reasons. With the irresistible holiday food and sweets that only come once a year, we all tend to gain a few extra pounds (or more) along the way. This winter baggage accentuates our stubborn problem areas that are usually not as noticeable when we’re more toned during the summer.”

The take away here is to either plan ahead (or hold your horses, depending on how you look at it.) You might be able to get your services for less if you wait until an off-season when the surgeons have more spaces in their schedule to fill. However, generally, the surgeon’s simply use the season as a platform for advertising and the only benefit is the possibility of negotiation…even if it’s a slim chance.

Amount of Surgery

It’s a no-brainer that the more surgery you need, the more it’s going to cost. This is true whether you need a lot removed from one place or a little removed from a lot of places. Doctors are generally willing to remove between six and eight pounds of fat in a single session but some will only work on one area at a time and that can really drive up your costs.

Also, the extra baggage you’ve been carrying around will have stretched your skin. If you are young and healthy and have really elastic skin, it may snap back into shape with no problem but if not, you will be left with saggy skin. That’s fine if you are tucking it into pants, but if you want a good look in a bikini or less you may want to get a skin tightening procedure of some kind. These are called lifts or tucks and, of course, have their own costs.

Lift Procedure National Average Surgeon’s Fee
Breast Lift $4,332
Buttock Lift $4,633
Cellulite Massage Treatment $225
Facelift $3,370
Forehead Lift $3,370
Lower Body Lift $8,082
Thigh Lift $4,756
Tummy Tuck $5,241
Upper Arm Lift $3,939

Here is a breakdown of average lift/tuck procedures in the US (don’t make me tell you about the problems with average prices again!) Also, these are just the surgery fees.

As always, read the fine print! Some places will advertise super low rates of $750 – $1,200 or so per area but then if you check out the very bottom, you see that is only if you call last week, or only on Tuesdays at 2:00 am, or only with a golden ticket from a Willy Wonka Chocolate bar. If you see a lower rate with an asterisk, it most likely means that the price is only valid if you are having multiple areas (usually 4 or more) done at the same time. This might actually be a good deal if you have multiple places that need work but not so great if just need one.

Number of Areas Overall Average Price
1 area $2000 – 3000
2 areas $3000 – 4500
3 areas $4000 – 6000
4 areas $5000 – 7500
5 areas $6000 – 10000

Always remember: If it sounds too good to be true…it probably is!

A lot of providers will offer discounted rates for multiple surgeries. I have seen coupon combinations come up that offer a Tummy Tuck and 1 free area of liposuction or one area charged at $2,500 and each subsequent area charged an additional $1,000. A ballpark figure for treating one area in the US is $2,000 – $3,000 but as you can see here the average cost per area does decrease as the number of areas increases.

Cost per Area

Area Price Range*
Abdomen, upper & lower $3,000 – $7,500
Abdomen, lower $2,000 – $2,500
Arms $1,500 – $5,000
Ankles $4,000 – $6,000
Banana Roll $1,200 – $1,700
Back $1,500 – $4,000
Buttocks $1,500 – $4,500
Breasts (Women) $3,000 – $7,500
Breasts (Men) $3,000 – $5,000
Chin/Cheeks/Jowls/Neck $2,000 – $4,500
Calves $2,000 – $4,000
Flanks (Outer Thighs) $1,500 – $5,000
Thighs (Anterior or Interior) $2,000 – $5,000
Hips/Waist $1,600 – $5,000
Knees $2,000 – $5,000
Pubic / Mons $2,000 – $2,500
Love Handles $2,400 – $3,200

As I’ve said before, “not all fat is created equal” and that leads to a related inequality in prices for different areas of the body. The area with the extra may be one that requires more time, more skill, or more anesthesia, for example, and therefore may also be a little ‘extra.’ The most expensive part of your body for liposuction is the abdomen. While it is usually divided into upper and lower abdomen, I haven’t seen very many cases where people only had one or the other done. I think it might just make people feel better about the price if they are paying for two things rather than one. It’s also the biggest ‘single’ area on your body and the most commonly performed procedure. Is it the size of the area or the fact that it is what is most desired that makes the cost rise? It depends on who you ask, but in any case, that’s the way it falls out.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons tells us that the average lipo cost in the US for 2013 was $2,866, but that averages people who need one small area with those that need five or more. So, here’s a breakdown of the ranges generally present for particular areas of the body.

*Includes surgical and non-surgical costs but not anesthesiologist

Liposuction Prices in the United States

As I’ve explained, liposuction costs can vary greatly and depend on a load of different individual factors as well as larger geographical and market trends. This is why so many doctors make you go in for that initial consultation and won’t quote prices without a visit in person. It’s not just to try to sell you the procedure, but they really do need to see what they are dealing with in order to give you an accurate estimate. After all, you probably wouldn’t want to get an estimate on fixing your car based on your idea of what might be wrong with it, right?

I know, though, you still want to have an idea. The curiosity got to me too. So, I contacted five randomly chosen doctors from each state (see, I’m here for you!) for an estimate.

Read on to find out what you can expect to pay for your surgery.

Drum roll please!


abdomen-lipoQ: How much will it cost to have liposuction to reduce my belly?
A: The average cost for the full abdomen is $5,250 with the lower abdomen average at $2,250.

I’ll start here since it’s the most popular location for liposuction. The full abdomen runs from below the breast line to just above your pubic region. As I’ve said before, the abdomen is divided into two parts for liposuction purposes: the lower (pubic to belly button) and the upper (belly button to below breasts). While you will often see quotes for the two parts separately it is much less common to have one section done without the other.

Upper and Lower Abdomen$4,000Alabama
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Hips$5,750Arizona
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Thighs (Inner and Outer), Flanks$6,500Arizona
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Love Handles$4,300California
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Love Handles, Hips$5,500California
Upper and Lower Abdomen$3,800California
Upper or Lower Abdomen$2,600California
Upper and Lower Abdomen$6,000California
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Love Handles, Waist and Hips$8,200California
Upper and Lower Abdomen$4,500California
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Outer Thighs, Arms$6,700California
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Hips, Inner Thighs$5,500California
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Hips, Waist, Flanks, Outer Thighs, Back, Arms$12,000California
Abdomen, Fat Transfer to Buttocks$6,500California
Abdomen, Arms$9,000California
Abdomen, Love Handles$2,600California
Abdomen, Partial Flanks$4,489California
Abdomen, Love Handles, Chest$4,770California
Abdomen, Flanks$3,900California
Abdomen, Love Handles$2,795California
Abdomen, Flanks, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$11,100California
Upper and Lower Abdomen$7,000California
Armpits, Abdomen$2,800California
Abdomen, Flanks$6,800Colorado
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Hips$6,000Colorado
Upper and Lower Abdomen$5,586Colorado
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks$6,000Colorado
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks$5,275Connecticut
Abdomen, Flanks, Hips, Pubic$6,200Connecticut
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Lower back$8,000Delaware
Abdomen, Thighs, Arms, Back, Flanks$5,000Florida
Flanks, Abdomen$4,600Florida
Abdomen, Flanks, Back, Inner Thighs$7,140Florida
Abdomen, Love Handles$4,500Florida
Abdomen, Flanks, Back, Inner Thighs, Breast Lift$8,700Florida
Flanks, Abdomen, Back, Buttocks$3,449Florida
Back, Abdomen, Back Rolls$4,900Florida
Upper and Lower Abdomen$1,300Florida
Abdomen, Love Handles$5,300Florida
Abdomen, Flanks$4,000Florida
Abdomen, Flanks$4,600Florida
Flanks, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Lower Back$3,500Florida
Abdomen, Flanks, Thighs, Arms$5,100Florida
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks$3,000Florida
Abdomen, Hips$4,000Florida
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Thighs, Banana Roll$7,000Florida
Abdomen, Hips, Bra, Pubic Area$5,600Florida
Back, Abdomen, Flanks$6,200Georgia
Abdomen, Tummy Tuck$7,800Georgia
Abdomen, Hips, Inner Thighs$7,000Georgia
Abdomen, Upper Back$3,000Georgia
Abdomen, Back $3,000Georgia
Waist, Bar Rolls, Upper and Lower Abdomen$3,600Georgia
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks (Love Handles)$3,800Georgia
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Back Bra Roll$3,600Georgia
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flank, Cheeks$9,150Hawaii
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Love Handles, Back Bra Roll$7,500Idaho
Abdomen, Lower Back, Thighs $7,300Illinois
Arms, Abdomen, Love Handles$7,500Illinois
Abdomen, Flanks, Saddle Bags$5,900Illinois
Abdomen, Flanks$6,500Illinois
Arms, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Love Handles$7,500Illinois
Flanks, Abdomen$3,500Illinois
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Saddle Bags$5,850Illinois
Abdomen, Flanks$3,500Illinois
Hips, Abdomen, Thighs, Flanks, Arms$9,600Illinois
Abdomen, Flanks, Back$7,250Illinois
Waist, Hips, Abdomen$3,500Indiana
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Thighs$4,800Indiana
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Chin$6,500Iowa
Love Handles, Lower Abdomen, Partial Upper Abdomen$5,400Kansas
Upper and Lower Abdomen$2,500Kansas
Abdomen, Waist, Lower Back$3,700Kentucky
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks$6,720Kentucky
Abdomen, Flanks$6,720Kentucky
Abdomen, Hips, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$4,000Louisiana
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Back, Waist, Love Handles$8,900Louisiana
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Back, Waist$4,915Louisiana
Upper and Lower Abdomen$4,100Maine
Abdomen, Arms, Flanks$3,000Maryland
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Back Bra Roll, Waist$7,500Massachusetts
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Back Bra Roll, Waist$6,300Massachusetts
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Waist$5,291Massachusetts
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Waist, Back Bra Roll$6,500Massachusetts
Abdomen, Love Handles$4,200Michigan
Abdomen, Love Handles$5,400Michigan
Lower Abdomen$2,700Michigan
Abdomen, Flanks, Thighs, Hips$9,555Michigan
Abdomen, Waist$5,000Michigan
Lower Abdomen, Waist$3,500Minnesota
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Back, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$5,800Mississippi
Upper and Lower Abdomen$3,800Mississippi
Abdomen, Waist, Hips, Love Handles$7,588Missouri
Abdomen, Flanks$6,300Montana
Lower Abdomen, Flanks$1,800Montana
Abdomen, Flanks$6,300Montana
Chin, Abdomen$4,600Nebraska
Upper and Lower Abdomen$4,600Nebraska
Upper and Lower Abdomen$4,000Nevada
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Lower Abdomen, Hips$4,100Nevada
Lower Abdomen, Flanks$4,999Nevada
Upper and Lower Abdomen$3,000Nevada
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Lower Back$5,200Nevada
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Abdomen, Hips$4,100Nevada
Abdomen, Outer Thighs$5,525New Hampshire
Hips, Abdomen, Flanks, Bra Line$8,700New Jersey
Abdomen, Flanks, Outer Thighs$8,600New Jersey
Upper and Lower Abdomen$3,000New Jersey
Arms, Flanks, Abdomen$2,000New Jersey
Hips Abdomen, Flanks, Bra Line$8,700New Jersey
Upper and Lower Abdomen$6,800New York
Mini Tummy Tuck, Upper and Lower Abdomen$7,000New York
Abdomen$6,500New York
Abdomen, Flanks, Tummy Tuck$4,000New York
Abdomen$6,800New York
Abdomen, Flanks, Lower Back$4,500New York
Pubic Mound, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Arms$8,500New York
Abdomen, Love Handles$6,000North Carolina
Abdomen, Anterior Thighs, Inner Thighs, Arms$6,200North Carolina
Abdomen, Lower Back, Tummy Tuck$6,600North Carolina
Abdomen, Hips$6,000North Carolina
Hip Rolls, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Buttocks, Thighs, Knees$15,540North Carolina
Abdomen, Love Handles$5,000Ohio
Upper and Lower Abdomen$5,000Ohio
Upper and Lower Abdomen$4,200Oklahoma
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Bra Line, Thighs, Chin and Jowls$7,250Oklahoma
Abdomen, Bra Line, Love Handles$4,200Oklahoma
Waist, Hips, Lower Abdomen$5,962Oregon
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Waist, Hips$6,791Oregon
Upper and Lower Abdomen$3,500Oregon
Abdomen, Bra Roll, Hips$8,800Oregon
Abdomen, Posterior Hips, Thighs (Inner and Outer), Knees$8,225Pennsylvania
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Waist, Lower Back, Inner Thighs$7,240Pennsylvania
Upper and Lower Abdomen$5,000Pennsylvania
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Lower Back$5,385Pennsylvania
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Love Handles$4,490South Carolina
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Lower Back$4,500South Carolina
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Love Handles, Thighs (Inner and Outer), Knees$9,000South Carolina
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Waist (Love Handles)$4,490South Carolina
Love Handles, Waist, Lower Abdomen$5,300Tennessee
Abdomen, Back, Arms$8,000Tennessee
Abdomen, Love Handles$3,900Tennessee
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Back Bra Rolls, Fat Transfer$8,500Tennessee
Full Abdomen, Waist, Neck, Inner Thigh$10,000Texas
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Waist$5,700Texas
Abdomen, Back, Flanks$6,000Texas
Flanks, Lower Abdomen$4,000Texas
Chin, Back, Abdomen, Hips, Knees, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$10,000Texas
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Waist, Neck, Inner Thigh$10,000Texas
Abdomen, Flanks$7,200Texas
Abdomen, Flanks, Inner Thigh$5,000Texas
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Flanks, Lower Abdomen$5,980Utah
Thighs (Inner, Outer & Anterior), Lower Abdomen$6,500Utah
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Waist, Lower Back$5,500Utah
Flanks, Bra Line, Abdomen, Hips, Inner Thighs$5,600Utah
Abdomen, Love Handles (Flanks)$3,300Utah
Abdomen, Flanks, Lower Back$6,500Virginia
Abdomen, Love Handles$3,500Virginia
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Back Bra Roll$3,100Virginia
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Lower Back$3,600Virginia
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Lower Back$6,500Virginia
Hips, Abdomen, Waist$6,700Washington
Abdomen, Flanks$6,800Washington
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Hips, Flanks$7,200Washington
Hips, Waist, Abdomen$6,700Washington
Abdomen, Flanks$6,800Washington
Upper and Lower Abdomen$4,900Wisconsin


: What do I need to spend to fix my ankles?
A: Thanks to the concept of ‘cankles’ you can expect to spend about $5,000 to have them treated.

Whether you learned about the word cankles from Shallow Hal, Friends, or Amy Poehler, the term is now engrained in the English language and describes an area of the body with which many people have expressed distress. There has been an increase of practitioners supporting ankle liposuction and this is another one of those areas that has a higher likelihood of needing to be done in conjunction with other work, such as on the calves. The tissue at the ankles is much more fibrous and so requires more time and work with smaller instruments. Combine that with the demand and a price is born!

Ankles, Calves$4,200California
Ankles, Calves$5,500California
Ankles, Calves, Inner Thigh$10,000California
Ankles, Calves$2,600California
Ankles, Calves, Knees$8,000Colorado
Ankles, Calves$3,500Florida
Ankles, Calves$3,500Florida
Ankles, Inner & Outer Calves, Full Knees, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$10,500Idaho
Ankles, Calves, Knees, Thighs$8,500Idaho
Ankles, Calves$3,999Maryland
Ankles, Knees$12,500New York
Ankles, Calves, Knees$5,000Utah
Ankles, Calves$5,800Washington


arm-lipoQ: What would it cost to have liposuction on the arms?
A: You can expect to pay about $3,700 on average for this procedure.

The arms can be broken down into two areas the ‘wings’ or underarms and the biceps. It is much more common to be looking to treat the underarms or wings. This area runs from elbow to armpit and, well, the name ‘wings’ really tells us everything we need to know about it, right? The total cost will depend on how much fat needs to be removed and whether or not it is combined with a lifting procedure to help tighten the loose skin. I guess you could divide ‘arms’ into two categories too: left and right, but really the pricing is for the arms as a set.

Arms, Back Bra Rolls$4,800California
Arms (elbow to armpit)$3,100California
Upper Arms$2,500California
Arms, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Outer Thighs$6,700California
Arms, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Hips, Waist, Flanks, Outer Thighs, Back$12,000California
Arms, Abdomen$9,000California
Arms, Bra Roll, Waist$3,800California
Abdomen, Thighs, Arms, Back, Flanks$5,000Florida
Arms, Back, Love Handles, Inner Thighs, Buttocks$6,000Florida
Arms, Abdomen, Flanks, Thighs$5,100Florida
Arms, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Love Handles$7,500Illinois
Arms, Abdomen, Love Handles$7,500Illinois
Arms, Hips, Abdomen, Thighs, Flanks$9,600Illinois
Upper Arms$3,000Maryland
Arms, Abdomen, Flanks$3,000Maryland
Arms, Breasts$6,000Massachusetts
Arms, Abdomen, Flanks$2,000New Jersey
Arms, Banana Roll$6,000New Jersey
Upper Arms, Back, Shoulders, Buttocks, Thighs and Hips$10,000New York
Arms, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Pubic$8,500New York
Arms$1,500North Carolina
Arms, Inner Thighs$1,250North Carolina
Arms, Abdomen, Anterior Thighs, Inner Thighs$6,200North Carolina
Arms, Thighs$1,250North Carolina
Arms, Abdomen, Back$8,000Tennessee


back-liposuctionQ: What can I expect to pay for liposuction on my back?
A: The average price for the back is $2,700 per area (with a possible discount for multiple areas).

The back is a hard place to exercise and can give you a bit of a humped or hunched look when it gets too fatty. The back can be divided up into a couple of different areas that have a professional-sounding medical name and then a more graphic ‘street’ name. The back is divided up into four main areas but if you need lipo on a couple of places on your back it may still be less than calculating each as its own area since they are close to each other and can all be treated without moving you. However, the more places you need done increases the chance that you will need general rather than local anesthetic so it may balance out any ‘discount’ present.

Medical Name: Infra-scapular
Street Name: Back Bra Roll
This is the layer of fat that rolls out from both/either under and/or up over your bra’s back strap.

Medical Name: Posterior Axillary
Street Name: Armpit Rolls
This is the layer of fat that pokes out to the side of your bra just behind your armpits.

Medical Name: Posterior Waist Fat and Presacral Fat Pad
Street Name: Lower Back
This is the fat that is above your butt and behind both hips, so rather than your ‘love handles’ which are on your sides, this stuff is behind you on either side (posterior waist) and just above the tailbone (presacral). This usually requires attention at the same time as the hips in order to keep the contour smooth and natural looking.

Medical Name: Cervico-Dorsal Hump
Street Name: Buffalo Hump
This is fat that is on the upper back just below the neck. The average price for liposuction on the buffalo hump is slightly lower than the other areas at $2,000 but really depends on the size of the hump and is regularly performed under only local anesthesia and that can reduce the cost even more.

Upper and Lower Back, Flanks, Breast Reduction$5,140Alabama
Lower Back, Banana Roll, Outer Thighs$5,000Arizona
Back Bra Rolls, Arms$4,800California
Armpit Rolls$1,800California
Back Bra Rolls$3,200California
Back Bra Rolls$3,500California
Lower Back, Thighs (Inner and Outer), Hips, Anterior Thighs$5,000California
Back, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Hips, Waist, Flanks, Outer Thighs, Arms$12,000California
Bck Bra Roll, Waist, Arms$3,800California
Lower Back, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks$8,000Delaware
Back, Abdomen, Thighs, Arms, Flanks$5,000Florida
Back, Abdomen, Flanks, Inner Thighs$7,140Florida
Back, Arms, Love Handles, Inner Thighs, Buttocks$6,000Florida
Back, Abdomen, Flanks, Inner Thighs, Breast Lift$8,700Florida
Back, Flanks, Abdomen, Buttocks$3,449Florida
Back, Back Rolls, Abdomen$4,900Florida
Lower Back, Flanks, Upper and Lower Abdomen$3,500Florida
Back Bra Rolls, Flanks$3,800Florida
Back, Abdomen, Flanks$6,200Georgia
Upper Back, Abdomen$3,000Georgia
Back, Abdomen$3,000Georgia
Waist, Bar Rolls, Upper and Lower Abdomen$3,600Georgia
Lower Back, Flanks, Back Bra Rolls$2,000Georgia
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Back Bra Rolls$3,600Georgia
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Love Handles, Back Bra Rolls$7,500Idaho
Back, Love Handles$7,000Illinois
Lower Back, Thighs, Abdomen$7,300Illinois
Back, Abdomen, Flanks$7,250Illinois
Lower Back, Abdomen, Waist$3,700Kentucky
Back, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Waist, Love Handles$8,900Louisiana
Back, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Waist$4,915Louisiana
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Back Bra Roll, Waist$7,500Massachusetts
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Back Bra Roll, Waist$6,300Massachusetts
Back, Flanks$4,700Massachusetts
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Waist, Back Bra Rolls$6,500Massachusetts
Back, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$5,800Mississippi
Lower Back, Upper and Lower Abdomen$5,200Nevada
Lower Back, Abdomen, Flanks$4,500New York
Upper Arms, Back, Shoulders, Buttocks, Thighs and Hips$10,000New York
Lower Back, Abdomen,Tummy Tuck$6,600North Carolina
Lower Back$3,000Ohio
Back, Back Bra Roll, Hips$5,780Oregon
Abdomen, BackBra Roll, Hips$8,800Oregon
Lower Back, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Waist, Inner Thighs$7,240Pennsylvania
Lower Back, Upper and Lower Abdomen$5,385Pennsylvania
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Lower Back$4,500South Carolina
Abdomen, Back, Arms$8,000Tennessee
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Back Bra Rolls, Fat Transfer$8,500Tennessee
Lower Back, Thighs (Inner and Outer), Hips, Anterior Thighs$5,000Texas
Back, Abdomen, Flanks$6,000Texas
Lower Back, Thighs (Inner and Outer), Anterior Thighs, Hips$9,800Texas
Back, Chin, Abdomen, Hips, Knees, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$10,000Texas
Back Bra Rolls, Buttocks$8,500Texas
Lower Back, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Waist$5,500Utah
Lower Back, Abdomen, Flanks$6,500Virginia
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Back Bra Rolls$3,100Virginia
Lower Back, Upper and Lower Abdomen$3,600Virginia
Lower Back, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks$6,500Virginia
Buffalo Hump$3,200California

Banana Roll

banana-roll-before-and-afterQ: What will it cost me to have my banana roll removed?
A: This is a relatively quick and easy procedure and runs about $1,500 on average.

The banana roll appears right under the crease of the buttock and is shaped like a banana (clever naming!) If you want to get more scientific when talking about it, you can also refer to it as inferior fat below the gluteal fold. Depending on the size of the banana your doctor will help you determine whether you just need a small amount of lipo or if you should have lipo in conjunction with a lift. Just be careful because this is the fat that holds up your butt!

Banana Roll, Outer Thighs, Lower Back$5,000Arizona
Banana Roll$1,700California
Banana Roll, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Thighs$7,000Florida
Banana Roll, Outer Thighs$4,400Georgia
Banana Roll, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$4,500Louisiana
Banana Roll, Arms$6,000New Jersey
Banana Roll, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$5,000Oregon
Banana Roll, Thighs (Inner and Outer), Knees, Flanks$4,200Texas


liposculture-of-buttocksQ: What should I budget to reduce my butt?
A: The cost for liposuction in your buttocks runs $3,000 on average.

Butts receive a lot of attention and it seems like some people are working to drop theirs while others are wishing with all their might that theirs would grow. Sometimes, the fat that is removed is used to pad other places (such as the face) that may have grown thin in a process called lipografting. Just remember that liposuction on the buttocks just removes the fat, it won’t lift them back into place, that’s a separate procedure.

Buttocks, Arms, Back, Love Handles, Inner Thighs$6,000Florida
Buttocks, Flanks, Abdomen, Back$3,449Florida
Buttocks, Outer Thighs$3,500Florida
Buttocks, Thighs (Inner and Outer), Knees$4,075Kansas
Buttocks, Thighs, Knees, Inner Calves, Saddle bags$5,000Kansas
Buttocks, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$5,500Missouri
Buttocks, Upper Arm, Back, Shoulders, Thighs and Hips$10,000New York
Buttocks, Hips$2,500North Carolina
Buttocks, Hip Rolls, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Thighs, Knees$15,540North Carolina
Buttocks, Bra Rolls$8,500Texas

Breasts (Women)

female-breast-reductionQ: What will it run for me to undergo liposuction to reduce my breasts?
A: The average bill for breast reduction liposuction is $5,250.

This is one of the few types of liposuction for which there is any chance that your insurance will be able to help you out. If you can demonstrate that the weight of your breasts is causing other medical problems (and especially if you can scare your insurance company into realizing that fixing those problems later will cost them more!) this type of lipo may actually be deemed medically necessary.

Breast Reduction, Flanks, Upper and Lower Back$5,140Alabama
Breasts (female)$4,100California
Breasts (male)$2,900California
Breasts (male)$4,200California
Breasts, Arms$6,000Massachusetts
Breasts, Thighs$6,400Massachusetts

Breasts (Men)

male-breast-reductionQ: As a man, what can I expect to pay for breast reduction?
A: You should plan for approximately $4,000 as an average cost for this procedure.

Male breast reduction or Gynecomastia was developed to correct what teenage boys usually call ‘man-boobs.’ Sometimes this can be treated with liposuction by itself. Other times it requires the removal of tissue and/or excess skin. If both procedures are required, that means that your cost will go up but your physician will be able to tell you before hand which route is the best for your situation.


calves-lipoQ: How much does it cost to have liposuction on the calves?
A: On average, it will cost $3,000 to have calf liposuction.

This type of liposuction is becoming more popular. This procedure removes fat from the backs of the legs between the knee and the ankle. It is not uncommon to treat the calves in conjunction with the ankles and/or thighs in order to maintain a consistent look all the way up the legs.

Calves, Ankles$4,200California
Calves, Thighs (Inner and Outer), Knees$5,000California
Calves, Ankles$5,500California
Calves, Ankle, Inner Thigh$10,000California
Calves, Ankles$2,600California
Calves, Ankles, Knees$8,000Colorado
Calves, Ankles$3,500Florida
Calves, Ankles$3,500Florida
Calves (Inner and Outer), Ankles, Full Knees, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$10,500Idaho
Calves, Ankles, Knees, Thighs$8,500Idaho
Inner Calves, Thighs, Knees, Saddle Bags, Buttocks$5,000Kansas
Calves, Ankles$3,999Maryland
Calves, Ankles, Knees$5,000Utah
Calves, Ankles$5,800Washington

Face & Neck

neck-and-face-lipoQ: What will I pay to get liposuction on my face or neck?
A: The average cost per area on the face or neck is $3,250 but can be significantly more.

At first this might seem surprising because these areas are so small, but it is exactly their size that makes them more expensive. Well, that and the fact that they are on your face! Incisions and movement in this area has to be much more carefully treated because there’s no hiding the scars or spots. This is much more skilled and careful work and the price reflects that.

Really, we’re talking about three different areas here: chin/neck, cheeks, and jowls.

Chin/neck: Here I’m talking not about the bony part of your chin that juts out but rather the double chin in that area between your chin and your neck. The medical community refers to this as submental liposuction – that just means ‘below your head.’ Of the procedures to perform in this region, this is the least expensive as it is a walk-in/walk-out procedure after which you can drive yourself home and start work again as soon as you’d like.

Cheeks: The apple-cheeked look that was so cute as a toddler may be something that has come to bother you. This is a relatively rare procedure as it is a very difficult area and can later come back to haunt you by giving you a hollow cheeked look as you get older. It is important also to differentiate between cheek fat and the buccal fat pads that aren’t removed via liposuction. The best way to determine the difference is to see a physician.

Jowls: This is an area that can difficult for the layperson to distinguish from the cheeks and any surgeon worth their salt will liposuction the jowls only with extreme caution. The cost of dealing with jowls may increase substantially over the other areas of the head and neck as the loose skin left when the fat is removed can leave you looking worse than before without a facelift being performed also.

Neck, Anterior Thigh$6,700Arizona
Lower Face, Jowls, Neck$2,500Arizona
Chin, Neck, and Cheeks$2,200California
Neck, Chin and Jowls$3,000California
Neck, Jowls, Chin$2,800California
Chin, Neck$2,000Florida
Neck, Jowls$3,100Louisiana
Face, Chin, Neck$4,000New York
Neck$4,500New York
Neck$1,500North Carolina
Face, Chin, Neck$4,800North Carolina
Cheeks, Jowls, Neck, Chin$3,700North Carolina
Neck, Chin$2,500Washington
Neck, Jowls$2,700Washington
Neck, Jowls$1,500Washington
Chin, Cheek$10,000California
Cheeks, ChinÊ$14,500California
Chin, Abdomen$4,600Nebraska
Chin$1,500North Carolina
Chin and Jowls, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Bra Line, Thighs$7,250Oklahoma
Chin, Back, Abdomen, Hips, Knees, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$10,000Texas
Chin, Jowls$2,780Texas


hips-lipoQ: I want liposuction on my hips and waist, what will I be laying out?
A: The average price tag for hip/waist lipo is $3,300.

This is an area in which there is a lot of leeway both in terms of definition and in terms of price. It’s important to remember that what you consider part of your hips may include more than what your doctor means by the same term. Don’t confuse the bulge in your waist with weight on your hips and make sure you and your doctor are very clear on what your goals are for liposuction in this area as it is much more open to interpretation. Lipo on the hips is regularly performed with the thighs in order to maintain the contour.

Hips, Upper and Lower Abdomen$5,750Arizona
Hips, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Love Handles$5,500California
Upper and Lower Abdomen, Love Handles, Waist and Hips$8,200California
Hips, Waist, Love Handles$3,200California
Hips, Thighs (Inner and Outer), Anterior Thighs, Lower Back$5,000California
Hips, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Inner Thighs$5,500California
Hips, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Waist, Flanks, Outer Thighs, Back, Arms$12,000California
Hips, Upper and Lower Abdomen$6,000Colorado
Hips, Abdomen, Flanks, Pubic$6,200Connecticut
Hips, Upper and Lower Abdomen$4,000Florida
Hips, Abdomen, Back Bra Rolls, Pubic Area$5,600Florida
Hips, Abdomen, Inner Thighs$7,000Georgia
Hips, Abdomen, Thighs, Flanks, Arms$9,600Illinois
Hips, Abdomen, Waist$3,500Indiana
Hips, Abdomen, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$4,000Louisiana
Hips, Abdomen, Flanks, Thighs$9,555Michigan
Hips, Waist, Love Handles, Abdomen$7,588Missouri
Hips, Lower Abdomen, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$4,100Nevada
Hips, Abdomen, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$4,100Nevada
Hips, Abdomen, Flanks, Bra Line$8,700New Jersey
Hips Abdomen, Flanks, Bra Line$8,700New Jersey
Hips, Upper Arm, Back, Shoulders, Buttocks, Thighs$10,000New York
Hips, Upper and Lower Abdomen$6,000North Carolina
Hips, Buttocks$2,500North Carolina
Hip Rolls, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Buttocks, Thighs, Knees$15,540North Carolina
Hips, Waist, Lower Abdomen$5,962Oregon
Hips, Waist, Upper and Lower Abdomen$6,791Oregon
Hips, Abdomen, Back, Back Bra Rolls$5,780Oregon
Hips, Waist$5,962Oregon
Hips, Abdomen, Back Bra Rolls$8,800Oregon
Hips, Abdomen, Back Bra Rolls$9,000Oregon
Posterior Hips, Abdomen, Thighs (Inner and Outer), Knees$8,225Pennsylvania
Hips, Thighs (Inner, Outer and Anterior), Hips, Lower Back$5,000Texas
Hips, Thighs (Inner, Outer and Anterior), Hips, Lower Back$9,800Texas
Hips, Chin, Back, Abdomen, Knees, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$10,000Texas
Hips, Flanks, Bra Line, Abdomen, Inner Thighs$5,600Utah
Hips, Abdomen, Waist$6,700Washington
Hips, Abdomen, Flanks, Thighs (inner and Outer)$7,200Washington
Hips, Abdomen, Waist$6,700Washington


knees-before-and-afterQ: What is the average cost for liposuction of the knees?
A: The average fee for knee liposuction is $3,500.

The area to be treated with liposuction of the knee is along the inner side or medial knee. It is on this side of the knee that there is a pad of fat the shape of ½ of a boiled egg. The cost of the procedure increases if there is fat on other areas of the knee that require attention but this is much less often the case.

Inner Knee, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$3,850Arizona
Knees, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$3,850Arizona
Knees (Inner, Outer & Tops), Full Thighs$7,300California
Knees, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$4,500California
Knees, Thighs (Inner or Outer)$3,600California
Knees, Thighs (Inner and Outer), Calves$5,000California
Knees, Calves, Ankles$8,000Colorado
Full Knees, Ankles, Inner & Outer Calves, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$10,500Idaho
Knees, Calves, Ankles, Thighs$8,500Idaho
Inner Thighs and Knees, Sacral$7,200Illinois
Knees, Buttocks, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$4,075Kansas
Knees, Thighs, Inner Calves, Saddle bags, Buttocks$5,000Kansas
Knees, Thighs (Inner and Outer), Cheeks$7,500Massachusetts
Inner Knees$3,000New York
Knees, Ankles$12,500New York
Knees, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$8,000Ohio
Knees, Abdomen, Posterior Hips, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$8,225Pennsylvania
Knees, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$4,000Pennsylvania
Knees, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Love Handles, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$9,000South Carolina
Knees, Chin, Back, Abdomen, Hips, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$10,000Texas
Knees, Thighs (Inner and Outer), Banana Rolls, Flank$4,200Texas
Knees, Calves, Ankles$5,000Utah

Love Handles

love-handles-exampleQ: How much will it cost me to have liposuction to reduce my love handles?
A: The average cost of lipo on the love handles is $2,800 but remember that it can vary significantly depending on how much fat there is to be removed and that it is often combined with other procedures in order to give you a beautiful overall shape.

I know, I know, they have the word ‘love’ built right into the name and yet…you don’t love them. This is the fat that sits on your sides above your hip joints and below your waist – the fat that you most often grab when you are trying to figure out how much you wish you could get rid of.

Love Handles, Upper and Lower Abdomen$4,300California
Love Handles, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Hips$5,500California
Love Handles$2,600California
Love Handles, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Waist and Hips$8,200California
Love Handles, Waist and Hips$3,200California
Love Handles, Abdomen$2,600California
Love Handles, Abdomen, Chest$4,770California
Love Handles, Abdomen$2,795California
Love Handles, Abdomen$4,500Florida
Love Handles, Arms, Back, Inner Thighs, Buttocks$6,000Florida
Love Handles, Abdomen$5,300Florida
Love Handles, Upper and Lower Abdomen$3,800Georgia
Love Handles, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Back Bra Rolls$7,500Idaho
Love Handles, Back$7,000Illinois
Love Handles, Arms, Upper and Lower Abdomen$7,500Illinois
Love Handles, Abdomen, Arms$7,500Illinois
Love Handles, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$5,738Kansas
Love Handles, Lower Abdomen, Partial Upper Abdomen$5,400Kansas
Love Handles, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Back, Waist$8,900Louisiana
Love Handles, Abdomen$4,200Michigan
Love Handles, Abdomen$5,400Michigan
Love Handles, Thighs (Inner and Outer)$6,900Missouri
Love Handles, Abdomen, Waist, Hips$7,588Missouri
Love Handles, Abdomen$6,000North Carolina
Love Handles, Abdomen$5,000Ohio
Love Handles, Abdomen, Bra Line$4,200Oklahoma
Love Handles, Upper and Lower Abdomen$4,490South Carolina
Love Handles, Upper and Lower Abdomen,Thighs (Inner and Outer), Knees$9,000South Carolina
Love Handles, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Waist$4,490South Carolina
Love Handles, Waist, Lower Abdomen$5,300Tennessee
Love Handles, Abdomen$3,900Tennessee
Love Handles$4,000Texas
Love Handles, Abdomen$3,300Utah
Love Handles, Abdomen$3,500Virginia
Love Handles$1,250Wisconsin


hips-lipoQ: I want to have liposuction on my thighs; what will that cost?
A: It varies based on the location on your thigh as the thighs have three areas that can be treated, the outside, the inside, and the back: the outer, inner, and anterior thighs respectively. The average costs for the inner or anterior thigh areas are $3,500 while the average price for the outer thighs is slightly less at $3,250. These areas are often combined either with two sides or all three. The cost of multiple areas could simply increase on a per area basis but often the price of additional areas is slightly lower than the first area, so don’t assume that if the outer costs $2,500 that adding the inner will cost $5,000.

The thighs are often done in conjunction with liposuction for the knees. Some places run packages for this since they perform them together so often. So, for example, at Hollywood Liposculpture you can get the inner and outer thighs done for $3,700 and you can add the knees while only increasing the price to $4,500 (whereas the knees by themselves were $1,900).

Anterior: This term refers to the back of your thighs from below your butt to just above the back of your knee. Most of the treatment on the anterior thighs is to the upper portion of the thighs.

Inner: Your inner thighs start just above the fat pad on your inner knee and go, as they say, all the way up.

Outer: Your outer thighs are also referred to as ‘flanks’ or ‘saddle-bags’ terms that conjures up entirely too many images of horses for my taste. They come up from the bend in your knee to your hipbone where there is often an indent before the love handles begin. This is the most common area of the thigh to undergo liposuction as people try to create a smooth hourglass type line from waist to knee.

Thighs (Inner and Outer), Inner Knees$3,850Arizona
Anterior Thighs, Neck$6,700Arizona
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks$6,500Arizona
Outer Thighs, Banana Roll, Lower Back$5,000Arizona
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Knee$3,850Arizona
Full Thighs, Knees (Inner, Outer & Tops)$7,300California
Thighs (Inner and Outer), and Knees$4,500California
Thighs (Inner or Outer), and Knees$3,600California
Thighs (Inner and Outer)$3,700California
Thighs (Inner or Outer)$2,500California
Thighs (Inner or Outer)$3,500California
Thighs (Inner and Outer)$5,000California
Thighs (Inner and Outer)$3,000California
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Hips, Anterior Thighs, Lower Back$5,000California
Outer Thighs, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks,Arms$6,700California
Inner Thighs, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Hips$5,500California
Outer Thighs, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Hips, Waist, Flanks, Back, Arms$12,000California
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Knees, Calves$5,000California
Thighs (Inner, Outer, and Back)$7,000California
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Abdomen, Flanks$11,100California
Inner Thighs, Calves, Ankles$10,000California
Outer Thighs$7,600Connecticut
Thighs, Abdomen, Arms, Back, Flanks$5,000Florida
Inner Thighs, Abdomen, Flanks, Back$7,140Florida
Inner Thighs, Arms, Back, Love Handles, Buttocks$6,000Florida
Inner Thighs, Abdomen, Flanks, Back, Breast Lift$8,700Florida
Thighs, Abdomen, Flanks, Arms$5,100Florida
Outer Thighs, Buttocks$3,500Florida
Thighs, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Banana Roll$7,000Florida
Inner Thighs, Abdomen, Hips$7,000Georgia
Outer Thighs, Banana Roll$4,400Georgia
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Ankles, Inner & Outer Calves, Full Knees$10,500Idaho
Thighs (Inner and Outer)$5,000Idaho
Thighs, Calves, Ankles, Knees$8,500Idaho
Thighs, Abdomen, Lower Back$7,300Illinois
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Flanks$6,000Illinois
Thighs, Hips, Abdomen,Flanks, Arms$9,600Illinois
Inner Thighs and Knees, Sacral$7,200Illinois
Thighs, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks$4,800Indiana
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Buttocks, Knees$4,075Kansas
Thighs, Knees, Inner Calves, Saddle bags, Buttocks$5,000Kansas
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Love Handles$5,738Kansas
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Abdomen, Hips$4,000Louisiana
Inner Thighs, Outer Thighs, Banana Roll$4,500Louisiana
Outer Thighs$4,000Maryland
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Knees, Cheeks$7,500Massachusetts
Outer Thighs$3,200Massachusetts
Thighs, Breasts$6,400Massachusetts
Inner Thighs$1,400Michigan
Thighs, Abdomen, Flanks, Hips$9,555Michigan
Thighs (Inner and Outer)Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Back$5,800Mississippi
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Buttocks$5,500Missouri
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Love Handles, Flanks$6,900Missouri
Thighs (Inner and Outer)$4,000Nevada
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Lower Abdomen, Hips$4,100Nevada
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Abdomen, Hips$4,100Nevada
Outer Thighs, Abdomen$5,525New Hampshire
Outer Thighs, Abdomen, Flanks$8,600New Jersey
Thighs, Flanks$4,899New Jersey
Thighs and Hips, Upper Arms, Back, Shoulders, Buttocks$10,000New York
Inner Thighs, Arms$1,250North Carolina
Inner Thighs, Abdomen, Anterior Thighs, Arms$6,200North Carolina
Thighs (Inner and Outer)$2,500North Carolina
Thighs, Arms$1,250North Carolina
Thighs, Hip Rolls, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Buttocks, Knees$15,540North Carolina
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Knees$8,000Ohio
Thighs (Inner and Outer)$4,125Oklahoma
Thighs, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Bra Line, Chin and Jowls$7,250Oklahoma
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Banana Roll$5,000Oregon
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Abdomen, Posterior Hips, Knees$8,225Pennsylvania
Inner Thighs, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Waist, Lower Back$7,240Pennsylvania
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Knees$4,000Pennsylvania
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Upper and Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Love Handles, Knees$9,000South Carolina
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Hips, Anterior Thighs, Lower Back$5,000Texas
Inner Thighs, Full Abdomen, Waist, Neck$10,000Texas
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Anterior Thighs, Hips, Lower Back$9,800Texas
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Chin, Back, Abdomen, Hips, Knees$10,000Texas
Inner Thighs, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Waist, Neck$10,000Texas
Thighs (Inner and Outer)$6,000Texas
Inner Thighs, Abdomen, Flanks$5,000Texas
Outer Thighs$10,000Texas
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Knees, Banana Rolls, Flank$4,200Texas
Thighs (Inner and Outer), Flanks, Lower Abdomen$5,980Utah
Thighs (Inner, Outer & Anterior), Lower Abdomen$6,500Utah
Inner Thighs, Flanks, Bra Line, Abdomen, Hips$5,600Utah
Flanks, Upper and Lower Back, Breast Reduction$5,140Alabama
Partial Flanks, Abdomen$4,489California
Flanks, Abdomen$3,900California
Flanks, Abdomen$6,800Colorado
Flanks, Upper and Lower Abdomen$6,000Colorado
Flanks, Upper and Lower Abdomen$5,275Connecticut
Flanks, Abdomen, Hips, Pubic$6,200Connecticut
Flanks, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Lower back$8,000Delaware
Flanks, Abdomen$4,600Florida
Flanks, Abdomen, Back, Buttocks$3,449Florida
Flanks, Abdomen$4,000Florida
Flanks, Abdomen$4,600Florida
Flanks, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Lower Back$3,500Florida
Flanks, Upper and Lower Abdomen$3,000Florida
Flanks, Back Bra Rolls$3,800Florida
Flanks, Abdomen, Back$6,200Georgia
Flanks, Love Handles, Upper and Lower Abdomen$3,800Georgia
Flanks, Back Bra Rolls, Lower Back$2,000Georgia
Flanks, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Cheeks$9,150Hawaii
Flanks, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Love Handles, Back Bra Roll$7,500Idaho
Flanks, Abdomen, Saddle Bags$5,900Illinois
Flanks, Abdomen$6,500Illinois
Flanks, Abdomen$3,500Illinois
Flanks, Abdomen$6,500Illinois
Flanks, Abdomen$3,500Illinois
Flanks, Abdomen, Back$7,250Illinois
Flanks, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Chin$6,500Iowa
Flanks, Upper and Lower Abdomen$6,720Kentucky
Flanks, Abdomen$6,720Kentucky
Flanks, Abdomen, Arms$3,000Maryland
Flanks, Back$4,700Massachusetts
Flanks, Abdomen$6,300Montana
Flanks, Lower Abdomen$1,800Montana
Flanks, Abdomen$6,300Montana
Flanks, Lower Abdomen$4,999Nevada
Flanks, Hips, Abdomen, Back Bra Rolls$8,700New Jersey
Flanks, Abdomen, Arms$2,000New Jersey
Flanks, Hips, Abdomen, Bra Line$8,700New Jersey
Flanks, Abdomen, Tummy Tuck$4,000New York
Flanks, Abdomen, Lower Back$4,500New York
Flanks, Abdomen, Back$6,000Texas
Flanks, Lower Abdomen$4,000Texas
Flanks, Abdomen$7,200Texas
Flanks, Abdomen, Love Handles$3,300Utah
Flanks, Abdomen, Lower Back$6,500Virginia
Flanks, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Back Bra Roll$3,100Virginia
Flanks, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Lower Back$6,500Virginia
Flanks, Abdomen$6,800Washington
Flanks, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Hips$7,200Washington
Flanks, Abdomen$6,800Washington
Saddle Bags, Upper and Lower Abdomen$5,850Illinois


Q: What should I budget for liposuction in the pubic region?
A: This fairly straightforward procedure will run about $2,250 by itself but is often paired with other procedures for a lower cost in the neighborhood of $600…and sometimes is even tacked on for free with abdominal work and a tummy tuck!

This is the area just above the pubic hairline but below the lower abdomen, also referred to as the mons, and can cause a bulge in your clothes that you’d rather not have. Sometimes people are born with this at other times it comes on with age, but no matter what – I know you want it gone and it’s very receptive to liposuction. This is often combined with a lift and/or a tummy tuck…sort of like I imagine the fountain of youth would be!

Pubic, Abdomen, Flanks, Hips$6,200Connecticut
Pubic, Abdomen, Hips, Bra$5,600Florida
Pubic Mound, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Arms$8,500New York
Pubic$5,000New York

Liposuction Prices around the World

Getting lipo isn’t going to be as easy as falling off a horse, as they say, or as cheap either. It’s commitment both for your money and your time and maybe you have more of one than the other. If you’re like most of us, more time is easier to get a hold of than more money. If you have a bit of a sense of adventure though you can find liposuction at prices that might be easier for your pocketbook to handle. Imagine, you could go on vacation to a cool place AND come back with a better body!

Now, you want to get your adventure from the vacation part of the trip, not the surgery part. Going to another country to get surgery used to make people think of back alleys and shady characters but medical tourism is a growing industry worldwide and has become much more popular (and therefore less suspect!) The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) is a great resource for finding doctors that you can trust in another country. They provide a way for plastic surgeons the world over to communicate with each other in order to learn and to be regulated by a set of accepted practices. Just to be a member of ISAPS the surgeon has to go through a really rigorous review process and be recommended by two current members – so they aren’t messing around!

ISAPS has member surgeons in 94 countries, so there are a lot of options – think of where you might like to go and check out some of the average prices of surgery in the countries I’ve listed here. We’ll meet up at the end of the table…see you there!

Country Average Liposuction Cost
Algeria $2,409.00
Argentina $2,098.00
Austria $4,986.00
Belgium $2,727.00
Bolivia $2,200.00
Brazil $3,021.00
Canada $4,597.00
Chile $2,000.00
Colombia $2,735.00
Costa Rica $3,500.00
Croatia $2,215.00
Czech Republic $1,189.00
Ecuador $2,163.00
Egypt $2,000.00
Estonia $3,992.00
France $4,315.00
Georgia $2,375.00
Germany $4,996.00
Greece $3,201.00
Hungary $2,439.00
India $2,023.00
Italy $4,593.00
Jordan $1,317.00
Kenya $2,753.00
Latvia $3,369.00
Lithuania $1,400.00
Mauritius $4,990.00
Mexico $4,243.00
Peru $4,000.00
Poland $3,177.00
Qatar $3,000.00
Romania $2,035.00
Russia $1,778.00
Serbia $1,652.00
Slovakia $1,384.00
Spain $4,931.00
Sweden $1,646.00
Switzerland $7,860.00
Tunisia $1,790.00
Turkey $3,191.00
Ukraine $2,699.00
United Arab Emirates $3,722.00
United Kingdom $6,848.00
Venezuela $1,526.00

Okay, so I know you have had a dozen fantasy trips while looking through that table, but let’s think about the nuts and bolts of surgery abroad. After all, we’re practical people right? If we could just go jet setting around the world, we wouldn’t be worried about cost!

In looking at these average prices, you should keep in mind that they are an average, and this means there are some much higher and some much lower. There are also some things to think about that you didn’t have to consider when the surgery was closer to home. If you are going to Hungary to have cheaper lipo, you still have to get there. A quick search of flights from New York to Budapest gives me a price of a little over $1,000 and while that will vary a bit, it’s not going down to free anytime soon, so you have to add the trip there and back into the cost. When you are in Budapest (or wherever you go) you may have friends who have a couch you can crash on, but if not, you’re going to have to stay at a hotel which…get ready for it…costs money. Are you having major surgery? Then you shouldn’t go alone and that will cost too. If you have a rich friend who just wants to go then you are in luck but if it’s your spouse that money is yours too. You won’t be eating at home, you’ll want to do some sight seeing too, and you’ll need to at least buy post cards as souvenirs for everybody back home. Really, the price of the trip might end up being the same as or more than if you had the surgery done in your nearest center, but if you travel you get a trip too.

More and more places are getting used to working with customers who have come in for the surgery from other countries. These places often can do next-day surgeries in which you go to the consultation one day and have the surgery the next. This cuts down on the waiting around time – giving you more time to have your picture taken in front of famous local monuments!

As you look at different surgeons and practices in other countries here are some questions that should go on your list of things to ask:

  • What forms of payment does your surgeon accept?
  • Are financing options available at home or through your surgeon?
  • Will any fees be reimbursed if you need to cancel your surgery?
  • Will your medical insurance cover your procedure outside of your home country?
  • Will your medical insurance cover you back home if you have complications?
  • Does your procedure qualify for ISAPS complication insurance? If so, is your surgeon willing to purchase it?

As always, it’s not just about price. The cheapest option isn’t always the best and neither is the most expensive. After hearing a lot of people’s travel/surgery experiences and doing some research, I contacted five randomly chosen doctors in the top medical travel destinations and here you can see their prices and the average area cost.

Medical Tourism

If you aren’t ready to find your own surgeon abroad, there are more and more places that offer package deals that include plastic surgery and tourism that can arrange the whole thing for you, just like going on a cruise. I found a couple of really great looking packages to share, so that you can get an idea of what your money can buy.


Procedure # of Nights Price in USD
Abdomen 7 $3,303.00
Thighs (Exterior) 4 $3,003.00
Thighs (Interior) 4 $3,003.00
Waist + Flank + Abdominal 7 $4,178.00
Any other Single Area 4 $3,003.00
Complete Body (over 6 areas) 7 $4,410.00

GoSculptura offers package deals for plastic surgery in Argentina that combine tourist fun with the body sculpting pre and post time. The price includes a persona assistant, completely bilingual, and who will go with you from the airport to the hotel and back again and during any other transportation required. That assistant will actually stay with you during the consultations (both before and after surgery) and the treatment itself. At GoSculptura they also give you a cell phone activated for use in Argentina so that you can contact clinic staff or your assistant any time you need them.

You pay 30% upfront for the trip and the rest when all of the details have been finalized (which has to be done at least 15 days before the trip). If you don’t have access to the cash to make a bank transfer or send via Western Union, they also take Visa and MasterCard.

Procedure Starting Price in USD
Abdominal Liposuction $2,700.00
Mini Abdominoplasty $3,100.00
Regular Abdominoplasty $3,250.00
Complete Ultrasonic Liposuction $3,400.00
Male Breat Reduction (Gynecomastia) $3,250.00
Thigh Liposuction $2,700.00
Neck Liposuction $2,700.00
Ultrasonic Liposculpture $3,100.00
Ultrasonic Liposuction $3,250.00

Rothschild International Health Tours has a lot of different options for package deals in Buenos Aires depending on what areas you would like to have treated…and how many wine tastings you would like to have! They also include a bilingual assistant both for the trip and to help you make all the arrangements to get you from your house and back again. Their prices include a pre-paid cell phone, all the pre-op lab work, the surgeon’s and anesthesiologist’s fees, facilities, pre and post-op check ups, and ground transportation. You can pay with a personal check (something I thought was pretty surprising), certified check, money order, PayPal (!), and all major credit cards. I think they are so amenable to this because they have offices in the US and Canada.


Procedure Starting Price in USD
Liposuction $6,983.00
Tummy Tuck $10,325.00

Rothschild International Health Tours offers packages to Chile as well as to Argentina. In Chile, the procedure is done at the MonteBlanco Plastic Surgery Clinic in Santiago. They do all forms of liposuction and they can also do a Tummy Tuck and the prices for the tour packages increase as you add on more tourist options. So, you can see you aren’t really saving a lot of money but you are getting a heck of a trip thrown in with your surgery for free if you compare it with paying the same in the US.


International Patient Facilitators (IPF) organizes cosmetic surgery tour packages in either Tijuana or Cancún. If you are in Southern California, the trip to Tijuana is as easy as can be but even if not, you can roll a trip to Mexico and your surgery into one for a pretty good price (maybe even still saving money!) They specialize in abdominal liposuction and tummy tucks, a good combo and perfect for bikini prep. If you go to Tijuana, the package is $4,600 and in Cancún runs $5,900.

These prices include ground transportation, lab work, surgeon’s and anesthesiologist’s fees, up to two overnights in the surgery center, and all post op checkups. You still need to pay for the flight and hotel stay, although they have worked out a deal for a discounted rate at the 5-Star Lucerna Hotel for customers during their recovery (normally $120 – $180 depending on the time of year).


Procedure # of Nights Price in USD
1 Area Vacuum Lipo 2 $2,415.00
2 Area Vacuum Lipo 3 $2,895.00
3 Area Vacuum Lipo 3 $3,388.00
1 Area Laser Lipo 3 $2,222.00
2 Area Laser Lipo 4 $2,730.00
3 Area Laser Lipo 4 $3,223.00
4 or more Area Laser Lipo 4 $3,758.00
1 Area SmartLipo 4 $3,251.00
2 Area SmartLipo 4 $3,717.00
3 Area SmartLipo 4 $4,252.00
4 or more Area SmartLipo 4 $4,554.00

Royal Esthetic Surgery has package deals for liposuction that include: surgery and facilities fees, all consumables, anesthesia, compression garments, drugs, lab work, clinic stay, food, pre and post op check ups, ground transportation, and hotel accommodations – everything but the “my sister went to Turkey…and all I got was the lousy t-shirt” souvenir! You can also choose between traditional, laser, and SmartLipo services at really reasonable prices.

After procedure / Recovery costs

Post-Surgical Shapewear

After surgery, you have to wear compression garments to help you heal – just think of them as Spanx on steroids! The one you need depends on where you had the surgery. This is why some people say it’s better to have the surgery done in winter because you can more easily hide the garments (if it’s the facial compression garment, you could always wear a balaclava, I guess…).

I looked at compression garments across a couple of providers; the prices were all pretty similar. You can see the approximate cost of the different garments here.

Type of Garment Approximate Cost
Braless Body Shaper in Boyshort $60.00
Braless Body Shaper w/ Thigh Slimmer $80.00
Long Bodysuit Shaper $80.00
Wireless Back Support Bra $35.00
High Waist Cincher $40.00
Fully Bodysuit Slimming Shaper $80.00
Mid & Thigh Shaper $80.00
Slimming Shaper with Buttock Lift $80.00
Braless Body Shaper w/ Classic Pantyline $55.00
Mid Section & Thigh Strapless Shaper $80.00
Body Shaper w/ Thong $55.00
Strapless Body Shaper w/ Thong $55.00
Wireless Compression Bra $40.00
High Waist Shapewear with Thigh Compression $30.00
Leggings Shaper $25.00
Face & Neck Support Compression Garment $16.00
Chin Strap Facial Compression Garment $27.00
Arm Compression Sleeves $55.00
Men’s Chest Compression Binder $35.00
Men’s Abdominal Compression Tank $35.00
Men’s Stage Two Compression Vest $75.00
Art, Back & Shoulder Forearm Length Sleeve Compression Garment $75.00


Liposuction is surgery and so you won’t just spring up off the table and resume your everyday activities. After your procedure you need to check in with your doctor so that s/he can make sure your recovery is going well and also to ask any questions that you might have. If you are just having a really small procedure, you might not even have stitches (closer to the springing up off the table scenario, but still…) the only follow up you might have is over the phone. For more extensive surgery your doctor will want to see you in a week and then probably at least a couple more times, most likely at 6 weeks, 6 months, and a year or something similar. This aftercare might be included in the cost of surgery, but be sure to ask beforehand.

Now, if your surgery was in Turkey, you clearly aren’t going to be flying back at 6 weeks and then at 6 months, etc. In that case, you should follow up with a doctor in your area. It shouldn’t be a problem to schedule a follow up with a different plastic surgeon’s office than where you had the lipo done but obviously you will have to pay separately for that. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if soon these package medical tourism places catch on to this and start coordinating that part of the ‘tour’ as well.


Medication Cost per Bottle
Naproxen $4 – $52
Corticosteroid $9 – $31
Non-Aspirin Acetaminophen, Extra Strength $14 – $20
Hydrocodone $13 – $90
Penicillin Antibiotic $11 – $22
Trimethobenzamide $24 – $75

You’re going to get a prescription for antibiotics after your surgery so that you can cut down the risk of infection. You might also get a prescription for some kind of pain meds (narcotic analgesic if you want to get technical). How much pain you have is going to depend on the surgery and, as odd as it sounds, the kind of anesthetic you had during. If you had local anesthetic, you might be able to manage your pain with acetaminophen and some sort of anti-inflammatory medicine. It also depends on your own threshold for pain (my husband can hit himself in the hand with a hammer and just shake it off whereas if I get a hangnail, I need several hours of comforting…).

None of these medicines are terribly expensive, but you want to get the best overall estimate of your costs, so you should definitely include them in your running tab. Here is the range of prices that I found from the most commonly present physical and online pharmacies (some of these require membership to get the lower price) but it should give you a pretty good idea.

Recovery Accessories and Supplements

Some places sell pre-packaged ‘recover kits’ but you can also put together one for yourself (or a friend). Maybe someday we’ll be able to register for these things and have a lipo shower just like people have baby showers!

Treatment Application Cost
Arnica To reduce post-surgery swelling $5 – $18
Baby Wipes To keep you fresh and clean if you can’t bathe at first $3 – $30
ScarAway Silicon Gel Reduce appearance of scars $20 – $100
Mederma Scar Healing Gel 20g Reduce appearance of scars $15 – $25
Stretch Mark Cream Reduce itching and dryness of skin $80 – $150
Gauze Replace post-surgery gauze $6 – $84
Wound Cleanser Spray To clean incisions until healed $10 – $15
Vitamin C Helps skin recovery process $7 – $13
Vitamin E Helps skin recovery process $4 – $6
Natural Coconut oil Stretch mark removal / prevention / improvement $5 – $15
Stool Softener Reduce strain on abdominal muscles $3 – $25
Theralac Reduce gas and abdominal discomfort $15 – $40
Bilberry Surgery Support $7 – $22
Bromelain Reduces swelling $15 – $20
Neosporin Wound care $4 – $15
Lipo foam Compression pads $36 – $330

Payment and Financing

Health Insurance

Okay, there is no great news on the health insurance front. While some insurance will cover weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass they will almost never cover liposuction. This doesn’t mean you can’t ask though because they do make case-by-case determinations. If you can convince them that the medical costs from not receiving the surgery are greater than what the surgery will cost there is a small (teeny-tiny) chance they may cover some part of the surgery. Unfortunately, some policies include a clause right up front that excludes all elective surgeries regardless of their value as preventative care.

Like my mother used to say: It never hurts to ask. Although, I think she said this before I started talking.

The cases where it’s more likely that your insurance would pay for liposuction would be if it is part of a larger medical intervention that would normally be covered. For example, in the case of breast reduction surgery done to prevent or correct back problems, liposuction is part of that and so would be rolled into the overall procedure coverage. Another case is if you are dealing with fatty tumors, known as lipomas, for which the typical removal method is via liposuction.

No matter whether you think your insurance will or will not cover your procedure you should still get in touch with them because you will want to find out if they will cover you in case anything goes wrong. If you get an ongoing infection, necrosis, or, heaven forbid, an organ puncture that’s not when you want to start investigating how your insurance company is going to handle it – you want to know before.


If you are planning on financing the lipo remember that this works just like any other kind of loan – there will be fees and interest to calculate (you can use any web-based loan calculator that lets you plug in your amount and the interest – it’s way easier than trying to do it yourself.)

CareCredit has payment plans and an instant approval process. If you are approved you can pay over a period of months with interest. They also have a financing fee of $1.66 per $100 ending monthly balance (in other words even 0% interest isn’t ‘free money’). They do sometimes run promotions at 0% interest if paid in full over an agreed number of months. Regular interest rates range from $14.9% to 26.99% and there is a minimum interest charge of $2. In other words, it is cheaper to pay for the procedure in cash up front…but of course, that isn’t always an option. Also, if you are late or your check bounces there is a $35 charge.

Med Loan is a medical finance company that handles loans between $500 and $100,000 and pretty much any liposuction is going to fall between those two limits. You can apply online and they do have short-term no-interest loans (again, they have fees…they have to make money somewhere, nothing is free!) and longer loans up to 21 months. The interest depends on your credit but they will let you know the terms within 24 hours of application, so you don’t have to wait long to know.

Surgery Loans have loans from the short term up to 72 months with interest rates from 8.99% to 29.99%. The smallest loans they finance are $1,500 and they can finance up to $20,000. You can apply online and approval and terms depend on your credit rating (no surprise there…)

The Cost Wrap Up

There…whew. If you’ve gone through all of this, you should have a pretty good idea of what you are going to spend for your lipo. Obviously, every situation is slightly different and so you won’t really be able to know some of these prices for sure until you’ve gone through all the details with your surgeon, but hopefully you feel more prepared to think about their prices and to think about all of the other things that will cost money along the way.It’s never going to be cheap but being unhappy with your body has its own price and it’s really up to you to weigh the two costs. Lipo isn’t the only thing you can do to improve the way you look and how you feel about yourself but if it is the right option for you, I hope that I have helped you to build a firm foundation for your experience. Happy hunting and best of luck!